Check Out the New England Aquarium’s Baby African Penguins

They are both adorable and endangered.

The New England Aquarium is welcoming a new batch of endangered African penguin chicks to the world—some of the last of their kind that are left.

Biologists have been breeding penguins at the aquarium for years now, but this species is among the most fragile. In the wild, where they are the only species of penguin that can be found in Africa, they face the triple-threat of climate change, overfishing, and pollution, plus the dangers posed by invasive species in their habitat. So experts predict they could be extinct in nature as few as 5-10 years.

Safe in the care of experts in Boston, though, the chicks are doing just fine. Two two-week-olds made their debut in a demonstration at the aquarium Thursday morning, where each had their weight recorded. The little furry creatures have to be weighed inside plastic buckets to keep them from squirming away.

So far four chicks have hatched, and two more are expected next month. In as little as six weeks after hatching, they will be full-grown, and will soon join the other penguins in the aquarium’s care.

Learn more on the aquarium’s website.