A Grown Man in Connecticut Says He Graffitied a Playground to Embarrass Liberals

Steven Marks of West Hartford was filmed writing fake anti-Trump vandalism.

Grown man Steven Marks, of West Hartford, Connecticut, says he knows he was being “dumb” when he graffitied a neighborhood playground with anti-Trump phrases last month in an apparent effort to embarrass liberals.

According to the Hartford Courant, the 32-year-old was ordered to stay off the property of the town’s Morley Elementary School this week after crisp surveillance footage surfaced of the crime. Marks turned himself in when he saw the video.

In the 30 seconds of footage a balding man in a Red Sox T-shirt and cargo shorts can be seen rolling into the park on a bicycle one night in June with a dog. Then the man stops at a sign and scribbles something on it with a marker. The video cuts out after that, but he apparently did not stop there.

Here’s what Marks wrote on the sign, some playground equipment, a pole, a bench, and a “Little Free Library,” the Courant reports: “Kill Trump,” “Death to Trump,” “Left is the best,” and “Bernie Sanders 2020.”


He tells police he hoped bystanders would believe it was “liberal hate speech” from an anti-Trump activist and that he did it “out of anger towards liberals and they are breaking major laws everyday and being disrespectful towards our government.”

He apologized to the school and parents, and says, according to police, that it was a “dumb idea” and also “stupid” to do that.

His case has been continued to August 2, and a prosecutor says he wants time to figure out restitution with the town.