Maine Dispensary Owner Rewards Good Citizens with Free Weed

Anybody who picked up trash got a free gram of pot.


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The streets of Gardiner, Maine, have likely never looked better.

Residents were encouraged to pick up garbage on Saturday with a unique proposal from local medical marijuana dispensary owner Dennis Meehan: Clean up the streets, smoke for free.

Meehan, who owns Summit Medical Marijuana, invited anybody over the age of 21 to stop by the dispensary and grab two trash bags. For each bag that came back filled, he handed over a gram of free pot—which, yes, is a legal thing to do in Maine.

“There was a town that did this [in Colorado],” Meehan told Maine’s WCSH. “They had a great response to this. So I was hoping to do the same thing in Maine.”

Clearly—and unsurprisingly—his promotion worked. On Saturday afternoon, Meehan posted a photo of a Dumpster overflowing with full trash bags. “Anyone want to help do this statewide in one month or so?” he wrote in the caption.

How’s that for going green?