The Patriots Ran Out of Room for Banners at Gillette

Owner Bob Kraft says fans are in for a "surprise" in September.

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The Patriots have a pretty enviable—or, as owner Bob Kraft puts it, “high-class”—problem on their hands. They’ve won so many Super Bowls, Kraft says, the team has run out of space at Gillette to hang banners.

Banners for four other championships are arranged next to one another, two per side, on big concrete posts, and there isn’t enough room to hang a fifth. So Kraft says an update of some kind is in store before the season kicks off in September.

“We had a high-class problem because we had no more room to put banners,” he said on the Sirius XM show Movin’ the Chains. “So we had to change the construction around, so we have a little surprise for our fans that night that should be very cool … We’re very excited.”

Kraft and co. have had some fun with banners before. Amid the Deflategate saga last summer, an enormous banner of Tom Brady hung from the side of the stadium’s lighthouse until the team decided to take it down. “We wanted to symbolize the fact he is on everybody’s mind and we love him,” Kraft said at the time.