Scenes from the Eclipse in Boston

The rare sight brought thousands out to the street.

Photo by Spencer Buell

As the eclipse made its way through Boston on Monday, people took to the streets en masse to take in the rare and captivating sight for themselves. Under mostly clear skies, they peered into pinhole projector boxes, pressed solar viewer glasses to their eyes, or gazed at the sky with fancier equipment, while photographers set up special rigs to capture the sun’s collision with the moon.

In Copley Square, viewers lined the lawn and sidewalks.

…Including the Boston team.

Keytar Bear was, of course, there to grace the eclipse-viewers at Copley with some tunes. And he was, of course, dressed for the occasion.

Bart Foster, of Boston, brought a DIY solar filter he made with sheets of mylar film, which he attached to the lens of a camera that transmitted to his smartphone.

Emerson film production student Lanhua Ma came armed with a pair of strips of black-and-white film.

Some of the more popular viewing spots, like MIT and the Boston Children’s Museum, saw huge crowds.

The GOAT also got in on the fun.

So did state Auditor Suzanne Bump, who shared a picture of herself going “old school” and peering into a pinhole projector made out of a box of Cheerios.

Some were moved by the weirdness of the experience of being surrounded by an entire city’s worth of people staring skyward.

Some incredible photos of the eclipse itself emerged after the action, like this one of a jet flying in front of a partially eclipsed sun.

In other news, a group of so-called “flat earthers” gathered outside MIT to protest.