Welcome to Allston Christmas 2017

All the best moments of Boston's favorite Labor Day tradition.

Allston Christmas

Photo by Madeline Bilis

The sun is shining, the trucks are rumbling, and it’s time for that most Boston of holidays: Allston Christmas. Yes, a merry September 1st to one and all, as all of the city’s college students partake of that most sacred rite of passage: moving apartments on the same day as every single other person in Boston, and abandoning furniture on the curb. Things are already bustling this morning, with some light activity beginning last night as everyone got their moving vehicles ready, or, as Boston health editor Jamie Ducharme noted, not that ready:

Meanwhile, some treasures have already been claimed this morning:

While others recognize a fine moment to meet new constituents:

And others are just feeling poetic about the whole thing:

We’ll be updating throughout the day with the finest Allston Christmas content we can find, so if you’re lucky enough not to be moving today, enjoy the proceedings from the comfort of your office. If you’re out there, good luck, don’t get Storrowed, and keep your wish list ready.

And best wishes to all the moms out there, looking out for their kids.

Free bear, anyone?

Cheers to this Instagrammer who found the perfect music to accompany his video:

For the first-time truck drivers out there, be careful:

Finding parking might be a challenge.

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Reminder: Do not take a free mattress. You’ll get bed bugs. No, you have not magically found the one non-bed buggy mattress.

And naturally, Keytar Bear is out there.

Navigating the sidewalks is getting a little difficult in some places.

A little moving day math for you:

Boston in a nutshell on September 1st: College students texting on the sidewalk next to all their possessions.