A Commuter Rail Train Car Just Completely Detached Last Night

That is, we're guessing, bad.

We’ve all had bad days on the Commuter Rail. Maybe your train is a little late, or maybe it doesn’t show up at all. But regardless of when or if it travels from station to station, it’s usually all in one piece. Not last night.

According to a photo shared on Twitter by commuter Holly Lilly during the evening commute Wednesday night, an entire section of the Commuter Rail detached on the the Newburyport/Rockport Line in Lynn after departing North Station.

The mishap has been confirmed by Keolis, the company that operates the trains. “This is an exceptionally unusual incident and is under investigation by the Keolis and MBTA safety departments, including detailed inspections of the trainset involved and track to determine the root cause,” it said in a statement to the Globe, which reports that the involved train has been taken out of service.

Once the car was reattached about 40 minutes later, riders were brought to Lynn, where they boarded another train. The MBTA’s official Twitter account reported a “mechanical issue” on the line after 7 p.m. Apparently that wasn’t descriptive enough for Lilly, of Salem, who wanted to set the record straight.

“By mechanical issue do you mean losing an entire car?!”