Five Executives on the Best Thing About Running a Company in Boston

Finding talent? Not a problem.

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Lisa Tanzer, president of Life Is Good:

The best part of running a company based in Boston is the collaborative spirit of the business leaders here. The people we meet in the for-profit and not-for-profit worlds choose to work together for the common good as opposed to competing with each other. Ultimately, we feel that the people we work with are true friends. We will do what it takes to support each other, even if it doesn’t benefit us directly.

Jim Taiclet, chairman, president, and CEO of American Tower:

The greatest part about running a company based in Boston is the intellectual richness of the city—the technical excellence and entrepreneurial spirit centered around MIT, the faculty and students of the professional schools at Harvard, the incredible talent of the big academic medical centers like Brigham and Women’s and Mass General. It’s exhilarating to be around these people and the energy.

Matthew O’Toole, president of Reebok:

The most exciting part of moving Reebok to Boston is the vibrancy and energy of the city. Boston is becoming a global hub for innovation, and I’m most excited to connect to the amazing academic, arts, tech, and fitness and running communities.

Shira Goodman, president and CEO of Staples:

The best thing about running a company in the Boston area is being able to recruit talent from our many fantastic schools.

Joseph “Jay” Hooley, chairman and CEO of State Street Corporation:

The best things about leading a company in Boston are access to terrific talent and the benefits of doing business in a collaborative, entrepreneurial environment that’s so conducive to fostering innovation. Boston has many factors working in its favor: world-class academic institutions, vibrant and diverse business sectors and nonprofits, a strong entrepreneurial community, and business-friendly state and local government. Not to mention the greatest sports teams and most passionate fans in the world.


[Adapted from Boston Inc., a series of interviews conducted in 2015 and 2016. See more.]