An Amazing Stephen King Book Announcement from College Resurfaces

The picture is... really something.

A photo and news clip of Stephen King, the author behind some of the most famous horror novels in history, has resurfaced this week, and, hoo boy, is it something.

A bedraggled and, let’s say, enthusiastic looking King is pictured along with an announcement that the University of Maine Class of 1970 graduate’s book had been picked up in a lucrative deal was shared widely on Twitter. “Amazing,” notes Todd Spencer, a writer in Los Angeles.

Amazing, indeed.

The book was Carrie. You may have heard of it. The story about a telekinetic high school student would eventually be adapted into a classic horror movie of the same name—just one of the many King stories to be picked up by Hollywood. The clip from the school newspaper, Maine Campus, notes that King’s book was first picked up for $2,500 plus royalties for the hardcover version, then by the New American Library nabbed paperback rights for $400,000.

You may also have heard that a film remake of King’s book-turned-movie It premieres is now in theaters and terrifying the nation once again.