Tom Brady’s TB12 Method Is a Best Seller

"The only book an athlete will ever need" is a hit.

Tom Brady Super Bowl 2017

Photo via AP

Greatest Author of All Time Tom Brady’s new book, The TB12 Method, is a New York Times best seller.

The Patriots quarterback and advocate for gratuitous water consumption announced that his new offering—once described as “the only book an athlete will ever need“—is the nation’s top-selling book in the nation in the “advice, how-to and miscellaneous” category.

“NYT #1 Bestseller!” Brady posted on Instagram Thursday. “I can’t thank you enough for all of your support. As great as this news is, my ultimate goal in writing this was to help EVERYBODY in the world through my own personal experiences and share with them what sustaining peak performance looks like! I am 100 percent confident that this can provide you a blueprint for your own life no matter what you are looking to achieve! Also, thank you to everyone who was involved in making this book become a reality. Nothing is possible without great teamwork! Let’s keep it going!!!@tb12sports

The honor is not reflected in the current list posted on the Times’ website because authors typically get an advance copy of the list. His publisher, Simon & Schuster, says the updated list will come out with the paper’s October 8 edition.

Reviews of the book have included lots of smirking at its lightness on verifiable expert advice, and the inherent funniness of thinking that what works for Tom Brady, who is one of the most accomplished athletes in sports history, might also work for you. “Tom Brady’s TB12 Method book is a pseudoscientific grift, but it’ll make you healthier anyway,” reads a review in SB Nation. But peeking into the eating and exercising habits of the inimitable GOAT is a national pastime at this point. We cannot, and will not, look away.

Just please, to the thousands turning the pages of Brady’s best-selling tome, stay safe out there.