An Expert Says Tom Brady Is Less Precise This Season

According to NFL insider Greg Cosell, the Patriots' timing has been a bit off.

Photo via AP

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, that guy whose name is emblazoned on 82 percent of Bostonians’ jersey-covered backs at any given time, has already thrown for over a miles-worth of yards this season. The sixth-round draft pick and 1997 Michigan Wolverines backup quarterback has just two interceptions on the year and is on his way to throwing for more than 5,000 yards before the season ends.

And yet, one expert dared to suggest that the facts-are-forother-people health book author just may not be the same as he once was.

According to MassLive, Greg Cosell, a well-respected NFL insider and analyst with NFL Films, told The Fantasy Guru podcast that the Pats’ timing “is not quite there” and “Brady has not been as ridiculously accurate.”

Did you just spill that double-cupped Dunkin’ iced coffee you’re carrying? Okay, let’s pause and regroup.

Yes, a guy who has watched literally thousands of hours of the National Football League said Brady’s game has deteriorated just a bit this season. Brady’s two interceptions came against the Buccaneers and the Jets in games that still ended up going the Patriots’ way. Brady also took a season-high five sacks when the Texans came to town during week three, but the game resulted a New England victory anyway. All in all, Brady sits near the top of the league’s quarterbacks with a 65.7 percent pass-completion rate. But still, apparently he’s not what he used to be.

Despite concerns over the accuracy hiccup, Cosell went on to say that Brady certainly “[hasn’t] lost anything. … He’s throwing the ball well, I think he moves well.”

We’ll see if he moves well on Sunday when the Atlanta Falcons take the field in Foxborough for a Super Bowl rematch.