New England Patriots Defeat Atlanta Falcons in Foggy Super Bowl Rematch

A mist engulfed Gillette Stadium.

Fog descends on the Patriots and Falcons at Gillette Stadium.

Photo via AP

Last season’s Super Bowl appeared to leave the Atlanta Falcons in a bit of a fog Sunday night—both literally and figuratively.

The ghosts of games past seemed to descend on the field at Gillette Stadium, becoming unmistakable by the second half as players were enshrouded in a dense and eerie haze. According to the Boston Herald, the fog was so extreme that NBC eventually had to abandon its primary play-by-play cameras. The network opted instead for overhead Skycams so no one at home mist—sorry, missed—any parts of the game.

As the Pats marched toward a decisive 23-7 victory at home, arm-chair quarterbacks and analysts alike piped up with their best (or worst, depending on your disposition) weather-related jokes:


Did the Pats beat the Falcons in the Super Bowl one time? We’re not sure.

The episode is also definitely part of a larger conspiracy plot:

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