A Possible Pipe Bomb Explosion in Blackstone “Targeted” a Bellingham Principal’s Car

Police are investigating.


Photo via iStock/artolympic

An investigation is underway in Blackstone and police were stationed outside Bellingham High School Friday after a possible pipe bomb explosion that officials believe “targeted” a principal’s car.

Blackstone police say in a report they responded to reports of an explosion at 6:16 p.m. in the town outside Worcester after a man “reported hearing a loud bang that shook his home” and noticed “extensive damage to his vehicle.” No one was injured.

Police believe the damage was caused by “an explosive device of some kind, possibly a pipe bomb” and they believe the victim was targeted. Photos show there was no damage to be seen at the home as of Friday morning.

“I want to stress first and foremost that we do not believe that there is any danger to the community and that this does not appear to have been a random act,” Blackstone Police Chief Ross Atstupenas said in a statement. “Thank you to all our residents for their patience and assistance today as we work on the investigation.”

The victim has since been identified as Lucas A. Giguere, the principal of Bellingham High School. The Boston Globe reports he is “terrified,” in the words of a neighbor, but is unharmed.

Police were stationed outside Bellingham High on Friday but “all classes and activities are proceeding as normal,” according to a post on the Bellingham Public Schools District Facebook page. “Due to a recent local event there is an ongoing police investigation,” the post says.

Several neighboring police forces are helping with the investigation, as is the State Police Bomb Squad and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.