Quiz: Can You Tell a Real Massachusetts Village from a Fake One?

Greetings from... Bliss Corner?

Massachusetts is a colorful place, and it has some colorfully named villages to prove it. There are scores of them in the Commonwealth—places that are distinct in their own way, but are folded into other towns or cities. Most draw their name from rivers, hills, and other geographic landmarks, or are based on a product harvested there (Like Osterville in Barnstable, so named after oysters).

While they don’t have an officially recognized government of their own, apart from some neighborhood associations and other groups, many remain census-designated places to this day.

So, being the local that you are, you surely are aware of beautiful Buzzards Bay in Bourne, or the bountiful Cranberry Shoals, or, of course, the North Shore’s Village of Teas. Or did I just make them up?

See for yourself:

Photo via iStock.com/DenisTangneyJr

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