Boston Globe Publishes Story on Internal Harassment Issues, Twitter Goes Wild

The social media reaction to the Globe's article was strong, to say the least.

Brick photo via iStock/123ducu

The Boston Globe published a story on Friday at around 6 p.m. detailing an incident of sexual harassment that had occurred at the Globe itself, involving a staffer who was then “pressured into resigning after additional accusations emerged from outside the company.” The Globe declined to release the person’s name, and discussed the broader way various industries are grappling with sexual harassment issues.

Speculation about possible harassment issues at the Globe reached a fever pitch Friday morning, when radio show Kirk and Callahan addressed the topic on air.

When the story finally dropped, public reaction came quickly, and the writer bylined on the piece, Mark Arsenault, began retweeting responses on Twitter.

Image via Twitter

The reaction on the rest of Twitter was no less strong.