Tom Brady Had a Very Bad Night Against the Miami Dolphins

The harshest tweets from an evening New England Patriots fans would probably like to forget.

Tom Brady's profile as he gazes at the field in his Patriots helmet

Photo via AP/Lynne Sladky

Tom Brady, born during the infant days of the Jimmy Carter administration, looked like the middle-aged man he is on Monday night against the Miami Dolphins. That he is old is not news, as the internet would love to remind you.

The 6-7 Dolphins pulled out an upset win against the division-leading Patriots, ending the team’s eight-game win streak with a performance from quarterback Jay Cutler that made him look like, well, Tom Brady.

Cutler—yes, briefly retired, chronically apathetic, anti-vaxxer Jay Cutler who couldn’t get anyone to bid on a football he signed at a charity auction in 2015 and whose most fun fact is that he is married to professional famous person and author Kristin Cavallari—out-played Brady, who was born when the price of gas was 62 cents per gallon.

The Pats lost 27-20 in Miami, and Brady, an older gentleman whom we regularly praise for playing like he’s a decade younger than he is, didn’t complete a pass until the second quarter and tossed two interceptions during the matchup.

Football fans couldn’t help but notice the GOAT’s vulnerability, and as one does having any kind of opinion in 2017, they took to Twitter to express feelings about how calendars and birthdays work:

We get it, everyone: Brady is old. But that is okay, because we knew that and he is still Tom Brady, a man we forgive for all sorts of the things. Besides, remember what happened last year after people thought he looked old against the Chiefs?