Thundersnow Reported Across New England During Bomb Cyclone Snow

Bombogenesis is delivering the booms in Boston.

Bombogenesis so far has not disappointed, bringing harsh winds, whiteout conditions, and 2-3 inches per hour of snwfall to Boston. Oh yeah, and thundersnow.

Snowed-in people in Boston and around Southern New England have been reporting claps of thunder in today’s nor’easter, and so has the National Weather Service in Taunton.

Among the more celebrated of blizzard events, thundersnow only occurs in the baddest of snow storms, and that is certainly what has arrived in Boston.

“You generally see it with very intense low-pressure systems like this, says NWS meteorologist Alan Dunham. “It’s just indicative of a storm that’s really continuing to strengthen and has a lot of energy with it.”

It can be dangerous, largely because when a storm is this strong you should probably be indoors, Dunham says. But typically the lightning doesn’t reach the ground and stays trapped in clouds, he says.

Meteorologist and known thundersnow enthusiast Jim Cantore has also reported strikes in Rhode Island and New York.

NASA spotted some of the booms from space.