Patriots Sent Off with Cakes, Crowds, Torches, while Eagles Flew Commercial

The Pats' send-off for the Super Bowl was just better.

photo via AP/Steven Senne

It’s basically tradition at this point, one of the benefits that comes with going so often: The goodbyes before the Patriots head to the Super Bowl are always something special.

For the Eagles…let’s just say it’s clear they’ve got a lot less practice.

Case in point, the send-off ceremony. In Foxboro on Monday, thousands of fans turned out for a big rally…

…where they heard speeches from players, waved signs (“Just like Tom Brady, this never gets old,” read one of them) and shared a gigantic Boston cream pie.

And then Tom Brady capped it off with a mic drop…

…followed by a tour bus parade past torches blasting fire into the air.

They even take disembarking to another level (see: Bill Belichick’s gangster chic look on his way down the staircase, wearing his dad’s fedora).

Meanwhile, let’s check in with the Eagles, a team that was treated to a snooze of a “pep rally” at a mall and then this:

Listen to that crowd of “nearly 100” roar.

Then consider transportation. The Pats headed to Minneapolis via the team’s personal Boeing 767 AirKraft, the one with the handful of Lombardi trophies painted on the tail. The Eagles flew American. Need I say more?

I get it. I’d hate us, too.