The Best Photos of the Blue Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

Take a look at images of the red moon from around Massachusetts.

The red, large moon during a total lunar eclipse

Photo via iStock/Jouein

For the first time since Andrew Johnson’s presidency in 1866, a trio of lunar events coincided to create a super blue blood moon.

The three ingredients are a blue moon, a supermoon, and a lunar eclipse. A blue moon occurs when the moon is full for the second time in a calendar month; a supermoon happens when the moon is particularly close to Earth and appears bigger and brighter; and a total lunar eclipse takes place when the whole moon is shrouded in the Earth’s shadow. Mix these pieces together, and you get a striking sky.

Though the Bay State wasn’t treated to a full eclipse, early risers in Massachusetts were still privy to out-of-this-world views for a few minutes just before 7 a.m. Wednesday.

The red-hued moon was more visible to sky gazers out west, but clear skies in Massachusetts on Wednesday morning offered a brief window to catch a glimpse.

Outside of Massachusetts, the red color of the moon was even more distinct. Because the moon started to set before the total eclipse began, our view wasn’t quite as grand as it was elsewhere.