This Nor’easter in Boston Was Gross But These Pictures of It Are Good

The best images from last night's snow.

Photo courtesy of Mary Concannon on Instagram

Before it arrived, last night’s nor’easter kept us in suspense about whether or not we would get snow, rain, or some mix of the two. As you may have noticed, we got a healthy amount of the white stuff overnight. And as you probably noticed if you were outside at all during the onslaught, or if you walked to work today, it’s the worst kind: slushy, heavy, wet, gross.

But don’t get down about how icky it is outside right now. And for your own mental health, avoid thinking about how another nor’easter might be just around the corner. No, join us in celebrating how although the storm was certifiably Bad, the pictures that have come out of it are undeniably Good.

We rounded up the best we’ve seen so far, and will update as this slushy yet picturesque day goes on:

Good morning my #finefeatheredfriends

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bundle up today my friends! ❄️☃️

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Looks like Spring is just around the corner.

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@pruboston looking beautiful in white. ❄️❄️❄️

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Finally some snow from our recent Nor’easter 😁 ❄️

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