Another Storm Might Be Headed for Massachusetts

Meteorologists said it's not certain yet, but Tuesday could bring a fourth bout of snow and ice to Boston.

Cambridge Common park near Harvard University campus in Cambridge, MA, USA covered in snow after a blizzard.

Photo via iStock/janniswerner

It’s still Groundhog Day in Massachusetts.

Over the last two weeks, three nor’easters have walloped the Bay State, causing widespread flooding, coastal damage, and sweeping power-outages with what feels like a never-ending stream of heavy snow and ferocious winds. And there just might be another storm around the corner.

The National Weather Service’s long-range forecast indicates the “potential” for a fourth storm system to hit southern New England next Tuesday. Meteorologists said on Twitter that the threat, which is still several days out, “is far from a certainty,” though it could bring rain, ice, and snow to the region. Forecasters are still working to determine what type of precipitation we’ll see, and nothing is “a lock at this point,” according to the National Weather Service. There’s also the chance that the storm will veer off course and miss us completely—though, the way this March is going, such a prospect feels like a fantasy.

Current projections indicate there’s a 50 percent to 70 percent chance of snow or ice accumulating in Boston. The probability is higher in southern New Hampshire and Vermont, where meteorologists have pegged the odds of accumulation between 70 percent and 90 percent.

The next few days are forecasted to offer a reprieve for the weather weary. Thursday will be a “great snow melt day,” according to meteorologists, with sunny skies and temperatures crawling into the low 40s. And the National Weather Service forecast shows we’re in for a string of mostly clear days through Monday, with highs in the 30s for this weekend’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities.