More Snow Is Headed for Boston this April

The National Weather Service forecasts indicate Massachusetts will likely see precipitation on Friday.

Cambridge Common park near Harvard University campus in Cambridge, MA, USA covered in snow after a blizzard.

Photo via iStock/janniswerner

Don’t bother looking at your calendar. Mother Nature plays by her own rules.

It may be April, but winter isn’t quite done yet, and meteorologists say we could be in for another bout of snow at the end of the week. Forecasts from the National Weather Service show there’s a chance of snow during the Friday morning commute, with early models indicating up to 6 inches could accumulate in western Massachusetts. Boston appears likely to avoid the brunt of the storm, with less than an inch predicted to accumulate in the Hub before the precipitation turns to rain.

The forecasters’ emoji usage pretty much sums up how we feel about yet another chance for snow.

Though the snow totals are much lower than several of the systems we’ve dealt with this winter, forecasters wrote in an online discussion that there’s “some concern this’ll catch folks off guard.” Being unprepared could lead to a string of “travel headaches” during the Friday morning commute, according to the meteorologists.

Forecasters peg the odds of precipitation in Boston on Friday at 70 percent. Wednesday is shaping up to be a grey and windy day ahead of Thursday, when the temperature will drop into the 40s, but the sun will come back out. Current predictions indicate Saturday will be chilly—with a high near 42 degrees—and cloudy, but dry.

Someday down the line we’ll laugh about this. Hopefully.