A Guide to Boston Mothers’ Facebook Groups

Boston mothers’ groups have political sway, can rally their ranks at a moment’s notice, and have the power to make or break a local business with a single post. Here’s how to get on their good side.

JP Moms
3,000 members

One of the hottest neighborhoods for families is also home to one of the most active moms’ groups. Started as a grassroots email list, JP Moms has since grown into a force that’s as organized as it is influential—local businesses from plumbers to pet shops know that a positive or negative referral from this group can have lasting consequences.

The Founding Moms’ Exchange
110 members

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from watching endless hours of Shark Tank, it’s that momtrepreneurs are a wellspring of good ideas. This group focuses on connecting like-minded moms and helping them fine-tune their entrepreneurial talents with networking events and educational opportunities.

Charlestown Mothers Association
1,450 members

This nonprofit’s board of directors is a who’s who of moms that know how to fundraise to help the neighborhood. They acquire new toys for neighborhood parks, dole out thousands of dollars in scholarships, and host a regular members-only Mother’s Night Out, for women to unwind and enjoy some drinks.

Mothers Out Front
6,900 members

In five years, Mothers Out Front has grown from a handful of environmentally minded moms in the Boston area to a national organization with nine chapters across the country. Here at home, the group recently flexed its political muscle by staging rallies at the State House, meeting with Senator Elizabeth Warren, and protesting the state’s investment in fossil fuels.

New Moms Group North End
200 members

Founded by certified doula Meghan Warner Denenberg, this North End group started as an effort to help reduce postpartum depression among local moms. Today it carries on its mission by organizing spa getaways, hosting weekly meet-ups at the Nazzaro Center or the North End Library, and encouraging moms to schedule weekly date nights with their partners.

Moms of Camberville
2,000 members

Need to know if the new restaurant near MIT has changing tables? Then get in with the Moms of Camberville, who keep a massive spreadsheet tracking which nearby eateries are baby friendly—and which aren’t. Unlike some groups, Moms of Camberville splits mothers into Facebook communities according to their children’s ages.

courtesy photos. Membership numbers are approximate and reflect most recent data available as of March 2018