Boston Was Hotter Than Houston and New Orleans on Wednesday

Temperatures reached 89 degrees on May 2 in the Hub, and though storms are in the forecast, May 3 is also expected to be quite warm.

Beautiful Boston, Massachusetts, USA on a beautiful day in autumn as seen from Cambridge.

Photo via iStock/Rocky89

The mercury is not in retrograde.

On Wednesday, temperatures in Boston peaked at a whopping 89 degrees, which topped the highs in Houston, New Orleans, Miami, and San Diego. We were just two degrees shy of the May 2 record, set in 1930 and tied in 2001, and a full 27 degrees hotter than the average high this time of year, according to the National Weather Service. The Hub’s hottest day of the year coincided with steamy weather across the east coast, and temperatures in Washington, D.C., and New York broke a sweltering 90 degrees yesterday.

And if you pulled out the shorts and flip flops from underneath your bed on Wednesday, don’t put them away just yet. Thursday is going to be a hot one, too, with temperatures predicted to hit 84 degrees in Boston. (So, yes, an ice cream cone is a perfectly acceptable—and perhaps recommended—option for lunch.) We’re in for some afternoon rain and scattered thunderstorms, some of which may be severe, according to the National Weather Service. The meteorologists don’t anticipate particularly widespread, dangerous weather, but strong wind gusts and heavy rain could pose problems in isolated areas later today.

The summery weather is set to extend to Friday, too, with temperatures predicted to peak at 83 degrees. There’s a chance storms will reemerge during the day, with clouds, showers, and gusty winds likely to affect the area until Friday night. Luckily, the forecasters noted on Twitter, that “the atmosphere ain’t so great in promoting long-lived, widespread severe weather,” on Friday, so at least it won’t rain on our parade too catastrophically. And after the winter we had, we’ve certainly earned a little warmth.