Tom Brady Saw a Bear

The GOAT had a wild encounter in Montana.

Screenshots via Tom Brady’s Instagram

Tom Brady, adventurer, athlete, and man who needs to be staying as safe during the offseason as is humanly possible, saw a bear—and was very close to the bear—in Montana.

We know this because the GOAT posted video on his Instagram of the encounter, which includes footage of a large brown bear waddling away into the woods, while Brady, wide-eyed, narrates.

“There’s a bear!” he can be heard stage-whispering. “Run!”

Now, in an ideal world, we could freeze Tom Brady in a deep space-style hibernation capsule until fall. After all, an immobile 40- year-old quarterback is an uninjured 40-year-old quarterback. But we of course cannot do that. Right? Right?

Brady is spending time in scenic Montana unwinding, and we hope he’s enjoying himself. But can we suggest some other, alternative, activities for his downtime, maybe ones with a much lower risk of being mauled? The American Computer Museum, maybe? That sounds nice.