Coming Very Soon: Shiny New Green Line Trains

They could hit the tracks as soon as September.

Photo via MBTA

They aren’t a panacea for all the MBTA’s woes, of course, but it sure does feel good to see some slick, shiny, new-and-improved train cars hitting the tracks. And according to the MBTA, we could see some of extra-spacious, tech-upgraded Green Line trains in use in “early September.”

One of the brand spanking new trolleys made a public debut on Wednesday, when Gov. Charlie Baker and T officials took a tour of one of them at the Riverside stop in Newton, and boarded it for its inaugural ride.

By 2019, 24 new trolleys will be added to the system as it prepares for the Green Line extension into Medford and Somerville.

Upgrades include a roomier interior, which increases capacity by 10 percent, video monitors, automated ramps for commuters with mobility impairments, new safety measures, and doors that slide open. They’ll also be the first light-rail train cars in the nation with Crash Energy Management Structural Design, meaning they’re built to absorb the impact of a collision.

The T has been celebrating the arrival of new trains—the Red and Orange lines are also getting upgraded cars—over the past year with a lot of enthusiasm, and for good reason. It’s uncomplicated good news for the T, and unlike some of the other fixes behind the scenes, including switch and signal repairs, it’s tangible. Who doesn’t love that new train smell, while it lasts?

“This is a small milestone on the path to improving your Green Line service,” the T said in a statement Wednesday. “We hope you like them.”