Watch Andrew Benintendi Destroy the Yankees’ Hopes

The Red Sox walked away with a four game sweep of the New York Yankees in the 10th inning.

Andrew Benintendi

Photo via AP/Michael Dwyer

Did you wake up this steamy Monday morning with a spring in your step? As you took your usual commute in the morning wedged between fellow passengers on the MBTA, did you feel a sense of joy and possibility?

If you did, it was probably because you stayed up to watch the Red Sox complete a sweep of the Yankees in suitably epic fashion, with a tenth inning single from Andrew Benintendi. And that was after they’d come back in the 9th when they were down to their last out. Oh, and after they’d beaten the Yankees three other times previously. How bad was this weekend for the Yankees? As the Boston Globe put it, “The Yankees led 3-0 in the first inning on Thursday. The Red Sox outscored them 28-10 after that.”

Benintendi’s hit wasn’t some monster home run—instead, he put away the Yankees with a simple ground ball that snuck through into the outfield. Let’s just take a look at it, shall we?

Well, that was nice. How about from another angle?

Maybe a quick recap from ESPN?

Here’s a tweet that didn’t age well:

Need it broken down by the numbers? Try 79, the number of wins the Red Sox have so far this season. Or 9.5, the number of games behind them the Yankees are right now. Here’s another number: 4. That’s the number of times the Red Sox have managed a four game sweep of the Yankees since 1969. So yes, you should feel pretty good about this one.

Despite the oppressive heat, is that a whiff of fresh fall air we detect? Feels like October is right around the corner.