Massachusetts Hates Trump More Than Any Other State

So says a new poll.

Photo via AP/Gage Skidmore

The president must be so disappointed.

A new poll has found that Massachusetts, where those who disapprove of him outnumber those who approve of him nearly two-to-one, hates Trump more than any other state in the nation.

After crunching the numbers on our notoriously blue state, Morning Consult found that disapproval outpaces approval for the Commander-in-Chief 62 percent to 35 percent, earning an overall rating from the state of -27, the most dismal rating in the country. That’s according to a survey of 1,439,105 registered voters in every state, which the research firm says it has been conducting daily since Trump’s inauguration.

Vermont’s rating was close behind Massachusetts’, with a net approval rating of -24. Tied for third at -23 were California and Washington state.

As for states that love what they see coming out of Washington, Wyoming was the most enthusiastic, with a net approval rating of +31. Next-most-thrilled were West Virginia and Alabama, where that number is +30.

In Massachusetts, approval for the president has slipped from when he first took office. In January of 2017, 47 percent disapproved of him, while 43 percent approved, giving us a -4 rating. It’s not hard to find evidence of the extreme distaste the majority of the state feels for this particular president. A backlash, led by Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone, has been brewing this week focused on, of all things, Sam Adams beer after CEO Jim Koch shared a meal with the president and thanked him for tax cuts. And Curtatone is not alone.

It’s not all about the political party that Trump has come to define, though. Remember that Morning Consult has also found again and again that Gov. Charlie Baker, a Republican, is the most popular governor in the country.