The Globe’s Editorial Push Has Gotten Under Trump’s Skin

The president unloaded on the paper and the press in general in a series of tweets.

Brick photo via iStock/123ducu

It’s not clear yet if the Boston Globe’s call for newspapers around the country to defend the concept of a free press in their editorial pages—a call that more than 350 publications answered—will change anyone’s mind about whether the media is in fact the “enemy of the people.” My gut tells me the kind of audience willing to believe the mainstream press just makes up sources is going to believe it no matter what the Globe editorial board or anyone else who makes their living in the news says.

But what is without dispute is that the deluge of pro-facts editorials has gotten under the big guy’s skin. In a furious string of caps-ridden tweets on Thursday morning, Trump sounded off on the media and name-checked the vaunted Boston media outlet by name.

He also mocked the paper by claiming inaccurately that the New York Times sold it for $1. The Times in fact sold the company and a package of other assets that included the Worcester Telegram & Gazette for $70 million to John Henry in 2013 (this isn’t the first time Trump has made the inaccurate $1 claim). He also accused the Globe of being “in COLLUSION with other papers” and puzzlingly added the words “PROVE IT!”

Later in the morning, the Globe’s editorial board responded to the presidential tweet, calling his bile-spewing about journalists “as un-American as it is dangerous to the civic compact we have shared for more than two centuries.”