How the Cohen/Manafort Bombshells Landed in Massachusetts

The state delegation sounded off on the guilty Trump affiliates.

Protester Bill Christeson holds up a sign saying “guilty” as the first count of guilty comes in on the trial of former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, at federal court after jury deliberations, in Alexandria, Va., Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2018. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

So, uh, Tuesday was a pretty big day. As you have probably heard, in an afternoon for the ages, two men who played major roles in his campaign—former chairman and expensive rug collector Paul Manafort, and ace lawyer Michael Cohen—were deemed guilty of crimes. Cohen pleaded guilty to felonies related to banking, his taxi business, Stormy Daniels, and Karen McDougal. Manafort was found guilty on 8 counts by a jury of his peers.

All in all, it amounted to what will probably be remembered as one of the most damaging days of Trump’s presidency. And wouldn’t you know it, your local elected representatives had a lot to say about it.

For starters, Sen. Elizabeth Warren appears to have impeccable timing, considering that when the Cohen/Manafort news dropped she had just announced a bid to reign in corruption in Washington via an Anti-Corruption and Public Integrity Act—which would, among other things, ban top officials from cashing in on their access to power by becoming lobbyists, and outlaw lobbying for a foreign country. So she took the opportunity to promote that effort. “The @realDonaldTrump era has given our country its most nakedly corrupt leadership of our lifetimes,” she wrote on Twitter. “But they didn’t cause the rot – they’re just the biggest, stinkiest example of it. Join the fight for my new bill to .”

Other Massachusetts electeds were also eager to get some licks in. Here’s a quick review of all the zingers, burns, and observations the Massachusetts’ delegation wrote or had their staffs write for them in the wake of the bombshells.