Do Not Ask Tom Brady About Guerrero, WEEI Just Learned

He hung up on Kirk & Callahan Monday when they pressed him on the controversial figure.

Tom Brady smiles at Alex Guerrero after winning the Super Bowl

Photo via AP/Kathy Willens

Tom Brady really, really, really does not want to talk about Alex Guerrero, the controversial and mysterious personal trainer that has reportedly caused his share of headaches for the Patriots franchise. Just ask WEEI.

The hosts of the sports talk radio program’s Kirk & Callahan show on Monday morning tried to press the QB about Guerrero, whether he ended up back on the Pats’ plane again after a high-profile ouster, and what exactly might have happened behind the scenes to make that happen.

But Brady was having none of it.

“I’m not getting into all that,” he said on air during one of his regular appearances on the show, one of several attempts to change the subject before he said, “Yeah, alright guys. Have a great day. I’ll talk to you later.” Then, he hung up.

Mike Reiss, of ESPN, shared a transcript of the uncomfortable exchange on Twitter.

Guerrero, in case you’ve forgotten, has enjoyed an extremely close relationship with the GOAT for years now, despite what some might call some sketchy methods and beliefs about how to help the athlete boost and maintain his super-human skills.  A documentary released on Facebook gave fans some unprecedented access to what this looks like—among several approaches to making him more pliable and ensuring he stays more hydrated than a hydroponic tomato, it includes some intense leg-flapping.

The elusive trainer has also recruited clients from the Pats themselves, which reportedly has attracted the ire of the coaching staff, leading to some high-profile tension with Bill Belichick. After news broke about Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman—a Guerrero client—facing a four-game suspension for performance-enhancing drugs, the controversy led to a rare statement from the trainer himself.

So with the new season right on the horizon, the famously publicity-averse Brady probably has good reason to avoid saying too much on the record about the whole thing. He already had abruptly ended a press conference in July when questions arose about Guerrero. So in case there was any doubt about how sensitive the situation still is, we just got some pretty solid proof that the Guerrero Problem hasn’t gone anywhere.