It’s Time to Play Allston Christmas Bingo

On your mark, get set, identify trash.

‘Tis the season of sidewalks piled with garbage. Of U-Hauls smashing into the bridges of Storrow Drive. Of lugging boxes up endless sets of stairs. Allston Christmas, Boston’s most notorious holiday, is upon us.

September 1st is the day when two-thirds of the city’s leases turn over, and when thousands of students and young renters descend upon Allston and Brighton with multi-head floor lamps in tow. As hordes of eager undergrads move in, plenty of others move out, leaving mountains of discarded furniture in their wakes.

On a stroll down any city street, you’re bound to see stained mattresses (complete with bed bugs, of course), ripped old couches, broken bed frames, and maybe a few unidentifiable foul-smelling heaps. But hey, it’s not all bad—sometimes Keytar Bear makes an appearance.

Below, try your luck at a game of Allston Christmas Bingo. You can even print it out if you’d like to play on a spin through your neighborhood.

Merry Allston Christmas to all!

CLICK HERE to print or view larger / Bingo card by Benjamin Purvis and Madeline Bilis, images via iStock

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