It Feels Like It’s More than 100 Degrees Out There and We’re So Damn Hot

Extreme heat is in the forecast for Boston.

National Weather Service

There’s really no gentle way to put this: It is not good outside right now. Just as we reach the time of year when those blessed late-summer cool evening breezes start rolling through, we get this.

It’s going to be a hot one this week, folks. Very hot. The National Weather Service’s forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday puts temperatures well over 100 degrees, when you account for humidity. An excessive heat warning has been issued for much of eastern Massachusetts.

“Most locations in southern New England will experience dangerous heat and humidity this week, especially Tuesday and Wednesday when the heat index (combination of temperature and humidity) rises to 95 to 100 degrees, and possibly as high as 105 degrees in Hartford, Springfield, & Boston,” the NWS local outpost warned on Facebook yesterday.

“Take it easy today and stay hydrated,” it said in a tweet this morning. “Limit strenuous outdoor activities. Wear light clothing and stay hydrated.”

The service also advises you steer clear of sugary beverages and flock to any place with air conditioning, and public health officials are circulating a list of safety measures you can take for yourself and your neighbors. But at this point you probably know the drill. It’s been a record-setting season for heat in the city, and the unrelenting conditions have us pining for the crisp, cool, picturesque autumn (which will be here sooner than you think).

Fear not, though, forecasters say a cold front is rolling in and will be here by Thursday, bringing some rain and much-needed relief from the heat.