Someone Sent a 30-Pound Box of Marijuana to a Boston Radio Station

A whole lot of weed showed up at the headquarters of Hot 96.9.

Photo via Boston Police Department

Why, exactly, would someone send 30 pounds of marijuana to the headquarters of a Boston radio station?

That’s the question that Boston Police Department is chewing over this week, after employees at the building that houses Hot 96.9, as well as Radio 92.9, 105.7 WROR, and 98.5 The Sports Hub, discovered that an unopened package sitting in its mailroom contained nearly two-dozen large, tightly packed Ziploc bags full of weed.

In a post on their website, police say they were called to 55 Morrissey Boulevard in Dorchester to investigate a box “which contained twenty bags of a green leafy substance believed to be Marijuana.” The loot is being analyzed at a state-run lab, police say, but my guess is that isn’t oregano.

Marijuana is, of course, legal in Massachusetts. But the state law prohibits possession of more than an ounce of the drug per person in public, or 10 ounces at home. Pot-related businesses and dispensaries can have more than that, but only if they’re licensed to do so. As of Thursday morning, no one has come to claim the wayward herb, and the mystery of how all of it ended up in such an unlikely place has yet to be solved.

On the air this morning though, Hot 96.9 personality Ramiro Torres shared an unconfirmed account of what he thinks went down. He claims a source told him the delivery was intended for someone who works in the building, who was supposed to receive a package from a friend on vacation. But, Torres says, the person—who was not identified—was not anticipating such a large shipment and didn’t pay much attention when the box arrived. He also says the name on the package was incorrect. “The box was basically there for almost two weeks and the person never checked. So when it happened, when everyone was like rushing to the mailroom [to see the marijuana stuffed into the box], the culprit rushed in, too, and when they opened it up they were like, ‘Oh my god.'” Torres says. “They were like, ‘I can’t say this is mine.'”