A Note About Our Massachusetts Gaming Commission Story

By editor Chris Vogel.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has issued a 14-paragraph Statement incorrectly and unfairly lambasting Boston magazine article entitled, “How Massachusetts Went All In On Steve Wynn,” which was published on on October 17, 2018, and appears as “The Will to Wynn” in the magazine’s November issue. After carefully reviewing the Commission’s curiously defensive rebuttal, Boston stands by the accuracy of its story, which was carefully reported and fact-checked.

Oddly, the Commission’s Statement refers to page numbers that do not correlate with any published version of the article, and to information (such as a reference to former Attorney General Martha Coakley) which appears nowhere in the article, online or in print. We do not know and are puzzled by how the Commission came to believe that such statements were contained in the article.

We respectfully suggest that the Commission reread the article as it was published on the magazine’s website and in print, and that readers do so as well and draw their own conclusions.