A Double Rainbow Has Blessed Fenway Park before the World Series… Again


Photo via Twitter/@PupWilshire


Earlier: Things may be looking (literally) up for the Red Sox right about now, as a double rainbow has blessed Fenway Park just hours before Game 1 of the World Series.

Coincidence? Buddy, not a chance.

There was already some cosmic energy working in Boston’s favor heading into the week: The Boston hotel workers’ union, incensed by the Dodgers’ decision to cross their picket line this week, said they hoped was an “omen” for LA, like it was for the Yankees. That may be the case. But a double goddamned rainbow? That’s magic. And it’s powerful stuff.

Remember, this is somehow the second double rainbow to grace Fenway before the World Series, after one of them appeared around the stadium a day ahead of Game 1 in 2013—a World Series, you’ll recall, that the Red Sox won.

And now, the enchanted double rainbow has returned.

A double double rainbow. It’s all over folks.