A Nor’easter Is Headed to Massachusetts This Weekend

But it's just rain.

Map via National Weather Service

A nor’easter is headed for Massachusetts this weekend, but take a deep breath: It’s just rain.

A lot of rain, sure. But it isn’t snow, and we ought to appreciate that before it’s too late.

Forecasters say high winds and rains of up to 2 inches are expected to slam into Massachusetts beginning Saturday. As always, coastal areas will get the brunt of it, especially the southeastern part of the state and the Cape and Islands, the National Weather Service reports. Wind gusts in Boston are forecast to reach 35-40 mph.

As the first nor’easter of the season approached this week, The Weather Channel assembled a list of similar storms this time of year, to remind us all that the storms aren’t always all about snow. It notes that back in 2014, a snowless nor’easter battered the coast from October 21-23, leading to some intense coastal flooding, snapped trees, and downed power lines. Of course, this time of year isn’t immune from these mothers of all snowstorms. Remember Snowtober?

This time, though, temperatures are expected to stay in the 40s and 50s, so it won’t get cold enough to start pulling out the shovels or dueling over milk jugs and egg cartons at Shaw’s.

So, all things considered, good news.