Here Are the Biggest Stories You Read from Boston in 2018

Let's all bask in the Red Sox World Series win a little longer.

red sox alds celebration

Photo via AP Photo/Frank Franklin II

There’s freezing rain in the forecast, many of us have made a firm commitment not to change out of sweatpants for at least 48 hours, and we’re ready to call a wrap on 2018. Which means it’s time to try and ascribe some meaning to what interested you, our dear readers over the last 12 months. We publish stories all year, but you, discerning media fans, lift some stories above the others. In chronological order, here’s what you chose to read on our humble website this year.


You started the year off with a bang, or at least with dollar signs in your eyes this January: You really loved reading a story about the richest people in Massachusetts. You also seemed a little resistant to change, as you swarmed to read all about the new Dunkin store concept. But also, you made time to read about a curmudgeonly man in Billerica who displayed the word “douchebag” in giant letters on the side of his barn because he was annoyed at a nearby restaurant. Peak New England Curmudgeon content.


Ah, February, the month of romance. In between sips of hot chocolate, you read all about a dramatic Red Line incident (sample quote: “the window across from where I was sitting began imploding at us in pulses. It would shoot pulses of shards of glass into the car.”). Ever keen to read about the city’s ongoing housing crisis, you wanted to know what minimum salary you’d need to rent an apartment here. And you were proud of one of the state’s natives, Burlington legend Amy Poehler, who told the NRA to fuck off after the organization’s official Twitter account used a Leslie Knope gif.


Unsurprisingly, in March, you had March Madness on the mind, and you really enjoyed our version of it: Malt Madness! Don’t worry, we’ve got big ideas for this coming March, so stay tuned, beer and bracket fans. Also, you may have blocked this dark memory out, but remember when we had what felt like 100 consecutive nor’easters? You followed our nor’easter coverage, but at least this year we had local hero Drag Elsa rescuing a car to brighten the dark times.


As the season turned towards spring, you checked out our April story about the most influential people in Boston. And you were possibly feeling a little career anxiety: You were very curious to learn about how Gen X is left out of the workforce. And you enjoyed hearing about that time former Trump lawyer and current Mueller investigation assistant Michael Cohen threatened a Harvard Lampoon writer.


In May, you were all about the tiny house on display in City Hall Plaza. And with warmer weather, you were intrigued by outdoor dining options, as well as going on a hike on Cape Cod.


As people with good taste, in June, you read our annual list of Best of Boston winners. And you again were really excited about eating outside, and read our list of restaurants with patio dining. But it wasn’t all light. Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain passed away, and deputy food editor Jackie Cain wrote a very touching obituary about his time in Provincetown.


You were focused on the important stuff in the middle of summer: our ever-popular guide to the best beaches in Massachusetts, a list of free fun things to do on Fridays, and our entirely subjective but still accurate ranking of fried seafood.


In August, it was back to more serious subjects. Our annual chart of the best public schools in Massachusetts was a hit. And you were…proud? Surprised? Angry? When you learned that Massachusetts hates Trump more than any other state. And much like our own staff, you loved reading G. Valentino Ball’s piece about why New Edition doesn’t get its due here.


Always fans of fun seasonal activities here in Massachusetts, in September you wanted to go apple picking and take scenic foliage drives. But with the hit musical Hamilton in town, you were keenly interested in winning $10 tickets from the show’s daily lottery.


In October as the Red Sox marched onward to a championship, you were interested in a story about the Yankees crossing a picket line while they were in Boston. You were skeptical if accepting of the concept that everyone was rooting for the Red Sox on that championship run. And you were excited to check out the city’s latest arcade bar, Versus.


The historic mid-term elections neared, and in November you really enjoyed that ad urging people to protect transgender rights here in Massachusetts by reminding them they were Massholes, not assholes. You also wanted to read our carefully researched, thoughtfully ranked list of the best restaurants in town. And as the holidays approached, you wanted to celebrate the Festival of Lights at a Hanukkah-themed bar.


And while the month isn’t over yet, we can say for sure that in December you wanted to get a look at a cute A-frame in Vermont, read about this expensive Nantucket home sale, and browse our list of the best restaurant bathrooms in town.

What does it all mean? You like going outside, you love hearing about this wonderful state’s interesting characters, and your primary goal for 2018 was seeing Hamilton. We hope many of you were successful, and can’t wait to see what 2019 brings.