Fan in Stolen Security Jacket Tried to Sneak into Patriots Locker Room

A man, a plan, and a Tom Brady jersey.

Julian Edelman (izquierda) y Tom Brady festejan la victoria de los Patriots de Nueva Inglaterra ante los Rams de Los Ángeles en el Super Bowl 53, el domingo 3 de febrero de 2019, en Atlanta. Los Patriots ganaron 13-3. (AP Foto/David J. Phillip).

How did you celebrate the Patriots’ sixth Super Bowl win, last night? Have a few too many and take to the streets? Climb a tree in Boston Common? Light 12 candles at your G.O.A.T. shrine? Or, like one superfan, did you, in the immediate aftermath of the win, try to sneak past stadium security in a stolen security jacket to get into the Patriots’ locker room? If it was the latter, you probably found out that while the maneuver works in Ocean’s Eleven, Mercedes-Benz Stadium apparently has better security than the MGM Grand.

After the game last night, videos surfaced on Twitter of a man in a bright red S.A.F.E. security windbreaker being confronted by real guards in the same outfits. Underneath the jacket he was wearing—you guessed it—a Tom Brady jersey.

The videos show the man being questioned about where he got the jacket from by an actual S.A.F.E. security guard.

“She gave it to me,” the man kept repeating, gesturing vaguely down the hall. Strangely, the security guards didn’t buy his story. Georgia State Patrol officers were on hand to arrest him, according to John Newby of 247Sports. As they took him into custody, he removed the stolen jacket to reveal that unmistakable red and blue number 12. 

It is unclear what the man intended to do once he got into the locker room — perhaps a reprisal of 2017’s stolen jersey, or maybe he just wanted to smoke one of Robert Kraft’s 50-year-old cigars with the team.

It’s possible he just wanted to be a part of the historic moment. The game itself was the lowest-scoring Super Bowl ever, thanks to a staunch defensive battle that kept the score to an unbelievable 3-0 after the first half. The Pats defense held the Rams, the second-highest scoring team in the NFL, to just 3 points on the game.

Either way, it seems the Rams’ Andrew Whitworth may have found some competition for best defense in the S.A.F.E. security team who managed to sniff out an imposter despite a convincing disguise. That’s like playing defense against a team wearing the same uniform as you (and winning).