Amtrak Is Selling Buy One Get One Tickets for Valentine’s Day

Start a love train.

amtrak valentine


People all over Boston, join hands. Folks, it’s time to start a love train. To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, Amtrak is offering buy one get one tickets to anywhere in the country, which means you and a special someone can take a romantic getaway on beautiful, efficient, cross-country rail, for half the price.

“Amtrak wants to show how much we love customers by offering a great way for customers and their loved ones to travel for a weekend away or on a leisurely vacation. From couples, to moms, to friends, to every loved one, Amtrak encourages individuals to give more than
chocolates, flowers and valentines this year,” the train operator writes in an announcement. “Instead consider gifting a trip on Amtrak with a two for the price of one.”

The deal applies to all trips on most lines, excluding unreserved service on lines including the Pennsylvanian. It’s available now through Monday, February 18.

Amtrak has been in the Valentine’s Day spirit all week, as you can see here.

They have also, if this is your sort of thing, made some a series of cute little train-themed e-valentines for that transit-oriented love interest in your life.

For some reason Dunkin’ Donuts and Amtrak are, I guess, flirting? Lots of stuff going on here.

Long story short, a real good deal is on offer for the next couple of days. So hit the rails, love birds.