A Massport Truck Stolen at Logan Airport Has Been Found

But who is the mystery joyrider?

The largest airport in New England, as of 2010, Logan is the 19th busiest airport in the United States.

A stolen Massport truck was returned to Logan Airport in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

Officials say the truck was stolen from the curb outside the upper level of Terminal E. An airport employee apparently left the vehicle running and open to quickly go collect trash when an opportunistic airport visitor seized their chance, hopped in the driver’s seat, and didn’t look back.  

The trash truck disappeared around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, then reappeared around 4 a.m. Thursday, enough time for a solid spin around town.

The thief may have been looking for a cheaper ride home after checking the Uber rates from Logan. Perhaps they didn’t know you can take the T from the airport by catching a Blue or Silver Line bus from the same exact curb.

Or maybe the thief wasn’t a Bostonian at all, and was just looking for any way to make an overnight layover go by quicker. They say you shouldn’t leave the secure area, but being in an airport vehicle has basically the same protections, right?

No arrests have been made in this mysterious case. Massachusetts State Police and Massport are still investigating the culprit, who was nowhere to be found when state police officers relocated the truck.

According to WHDH, police had been receiving reports of an erratic driver on Route 1 in Revere, although there is no evidence to suggest that it was the same light-fingered joyrider.