Watch This Massachusetts 2-Year-Old’s CNN Appearance, Now

She stole the show in an interview with her mom, a Boston pediatric nurse who adopted her.

A Boston girl’s heartwarming appearance on CNN is being shared widely this week, after she gleefully interrupted an interview with her adoptive mom to dance, giggle, and sing.

Two-year-old Gisele joined mom Liz Smith on CNN’s “New Day” Thursday morning for a segment on how Smith, a pediatric nurse at Franciscan Children’s Hospital in Brighton, came to adopt her two years ago. Gisele had been born premature, weighing less than two pounds and suffering from neonatal abstinence syndrome apparently caused by her birth mother’s drug use. She reportedly spent five months in the hospital without a single visitor. So Smith decided she would foster, and ultimately adopt, the girl.

Two years later, a lot has changed for Gisele. In the video, she is seated in her mom’s lap as CNN’s Alisyn Camerota introduces the pair to viewers. Flashing a wide and mischievous grin, the 2-year-old is seen holding a stuffed monkey, which she flaps in the air while singing a rendition of “You Are My Sunshine.” She keeps this up for a few seconds, before slipping out of mom’s lap and out of sight.

Meanwhile, as the segment continues, Gisele’s loud giggles keep burbling up from outside the camera’s view, picked up by the studio’s microphones.

“We can hear her giggling!” Camerota says at one point.

“I know! I’m like, I’m sorry if that’s distracting,” Smith replies.

“No, my gosh, don’t be sorry! I mean, it’s really beautiful and heartwarming!”

Gisele then reappears with the stuffed monkey, all smiles, as the video ends.

This is apparently not out of ordinary for Gisele, as the Washington Post this week described her as a child who is “energetic, loving and often bursts spontaneously into song.”

“Her new favorite song is ‘You Are My Sunshine,’” Smith told the Post. “And every time she sings it, I think to myself, ‘You have no idea.’”