Boston Coworking Spaces Perfect for Entrepreneurs, Activists and More

The hottest clubs in town? Coworking spaces. Find the one that fits your personality and needs with this handy guide.

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The Yard

Good for: Future CEOs

More than anything else, entrepreneurs require flexibility—and the ability to scale up as needed. Enter the Yard, which lets you pay for the space you need while growing your company. Start with a virtual office and enjoy the benefits of a business address, unlimited shipping, and use of the conference room for one hour every month. Once you’re ready to take your empire to the next level, upgrade to a private IRL office.

Musical Chairs
If you haven’t yet heard of hoteling, you will soon. Here’s how to survive office life when you have to reserve a new desk every day.
1. Set a reminder to book a desk nightly, lest you suffer the indignity of being relegated to working on the floor of the office café. And be sure to practice your best bouncer moves in case you have to kick out a trespasser who forgot to do the same.2. Where to put your stuff? Ditch your purse for a backpack that more easily fits the laptop, two phones, keys, and gym clothes you’ll be schlepping back and forth from the office each day—or stash everything in your newly issued work locker or drawer.3. No cubicle to decorate means you can’t pretend to bring all of Junior’s art to the office, so learn to love your bedroom walls plastered in finger paintings.4. Identify your favorite bathroom stall—it’ll come in handy when you need a minute to think (or cry) in a space with a door that closes.

Memberships start at $50 per month; 120 St. James Ave., Boston, 857-453-1133,

The Wing

Good for: Ladies who do a lot more than lunch

If a spa married an indie bookstore and gave birth to a hip hotel lobby, you would have the Wing, a global coworking and networking club for women. Coming to Boston this spring, the massive new Back Bay space will feature Chanel products on bathroom shelves, Goop-approved plates at the Perch café, and an A-list lineup of speakers (guests at other outposts have included Hillary Clinton and Jennifer Lopez).

Memberships start at $185 per month; 699 Boylston St., Boston,


Good for: Recent grads missing the camaraderie of college life

Make new friends at this Back Bay gathering spot, where you can grab a cup of joe with other members before pulling out your laptop, then take a break from your to-do list with weekly fireside chats and meals at the much-healthier version of a college dining hall. Not ready to retire to your adult apartment solo? The conversations continue with happy-hour cocktails.

Memberships start at $80 per month; 44 Gloucester St., Boston, 857-400-9068,

Make Shift

Good for: Activists with day jobs

Planning to change the world, but in need of a couple extra hands and a good printer? As long as you agree to Make Shift’s 11 values (remember the golden rule?), show up for group meetings, and are able to contribute something toward membership on a sliding scale, you’ll get your own key with 24/7 access and the chance to host events. No one really cares what you do for a living, as long as you’re doing right.

Memberships start at $75 per month; 549 Columbus Ave., Boston, 617-652-0549,

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