Elizabeth Warren Offers Love Life Advice in the DMs

She's got plans for everything, is the joke.

elizabeth warren love life advice

Photo illustration | Warren image via Getty Images

In a move she no doubt hopes will remind voters that she’s the Candidate with Plans, Elizabeth Warren this weekend offered up some help in an unusual subject area: romance.

In a Twitter exchange that has since gone viral, the Massachusetts senator on Sunday replied to comedian Ashley Nicole Black, who wondered aloud in a post on the site whether the policy-focused politician “has a plan to fix my love life.”

Warren didn’t miss her cue. “DM me and let’s figure this out,” she wrote, using shorthand for a “direct message.”

Black, a former correspondent for the late-night show Full Frontal with Samantha Bee—and, it seems, a fan of Warren’s—seemed shocked to see the Senator in her replies.

“I am deceased. And ready to welcome new love in my life. And then get our new pres elected,” she wrote in a tweet that included a screenshot of the exchange, adding the hashtag, “#shehasaplan.”

The involved tweets have been shared thousands and thousands of times—and therefore so has a reminder of Warren’s focus on policy, which the Warren campaign hopes will set her apart from the two-dozen Democrats currently competing for the party’s nomination for president. In an ideal world, advocating for tangible and specific policy goals would be par for the course in presidential politics but that is, of course, extremely not the case. So as she works to improve some not-good-enough poll numbers, Warren has leaned into the role of the self-styled wonk and released a barrage of plans over the past several weeks. Other big ideas from the Senator that are not related to comedians’ love lives include plans on everything from canceling student debt and ending the Electoral College to making the Pentagon more eco-friendly.

If Black and Warren have discussed romantic advice, or ways a future Leader of the Free World might be able to lend a hand, the details have yet to be made public.