The Patriots Released a Hype Video for Their New Super Bowl Rings

They'll be getting their Super Bowl LIII bling tonight.

Photo via AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

It looks like Brady, Belichick, and Kraft finally need to clear some room on their left hands for their latest piece of ice.

The Patriots are getting their Super Bowl LIII rings Thursday night. But what else is new? This will be the sixth ring ceremony for Foxborough’s holy trinity. For Brady, this newest ring makes him the most decorated player in the league of all time.

It’s been four months since the Patriots beat the Rams 13-3 to take home their latest Lombardi trophy. But why should the celebration stop with the duck boats rolling through downtown in February?

Because nothing the Pats do is subtle, the team released a hype video for the rings themselves Wednesday. From a lot of close-up shots of welding, setting diamonds, and teensy-tiny footballs, they look promising and appropriately decadent.

If the anticipation to see the rings is killing you, just wait for tonight’s onslaught of Instagrams, Tweets, and stories—and get your reading glasses out to count those diamonds.

Robert Kraft will be hosting the ceremony at his home Thursday night. All the members of the championship team are invited, of course, making it a kind of reunion for those who have since been traded or signed away. Defensive end Try Flowers, who now plays for the Lions, and ex-linebacker coach Brian Flores (now the Dolphins’ head coach) are among those who will be making their triumphant return to Boston.

After all, who wouldn’t go to a reunion that gives everyone priceless diamond and silver rings?

The Pats’ last set of rings famously taunted the Atlanta Falcons. They were set with 283 diamonds, a nod to the now-infamous 28-3 deficit New England overcame to take the Lombardi. After six years of making rings, you gotta start getting creative.