Video Shows a Bunch of Bruins Fans Fighting in the Stands Last Night

Things went from zero to brawl in about 10 seconds.

The Garden was the site of some Bruins fan on Bruins fan violence last night, as a widely shared video shows some incredibly pissed guys in B’s gear fighting in the stands.

How it all began is a mystery, but a clip posted to Twitter by St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Benjamin Hochman shows how some kind of disagreement quickly turned into a brawl. It’s since been viewed two million times.

In the video, shot high up in the stands at last night’s Stanley Cup final game, an older, shiny-domed bald man in a camouflage Bruins jersey appears upset with a couple of younger Bruins fans and is trading words with them, beckoning them over with his hand.

“So scary,” one of the younger fans, who’s in a regular-style Bruins jersey, says, gripping a beer in his left hand.

About ten seconds in, a giant splash of beer can be seen sailing through the air and landing squarely in the camo jersey guy’s face, and then all hell breaks loose. The bald man throws the first punch and tumbles with the jersey-wearing fan between the seats. Then another man in a Bruins jersey appears, and starts trading blows with a different fan, who’s wearing a white shirt.

In the chaos, at about the 26-second mark, the entrance music for the wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin can be heard playing through the stadium’s speakers. Then, 45 seconds in, the video cuts out. It’s a toss-up from the footage who won the fight. Everyone, however, lost.

The TD Garden did not immediately respond to a request for comment on what happened to this group of aggro fans, but it seems likely that, after all that money they spent on Stanley Cup tickets, it was game over for this crew.

It wasn’t the only brawl caught on camera last night. Another clip appears to show a handful of Boston and St. Louis fans going at it after the Bruins’ 2-1 loss to the Blues.

Also, just so you know before you do it, someone has already made the obvious joke.