Atlantic White Shark Conservancy Spots 11 Sharks in Cape Cod Bay

The Conservancy tagged its first two sharks of the season yesterday.

great white shark

Photo via Getty Images

Headed down to the Cape for your July 4 weekend? So are the sharks!

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy posted on Facebook yesterday that it has tagged its first two sharks of the summer. Researchers say they spotted at least 11 swimming in the waters of Cape Cod Bay, off Billingsgate Island.

The two sharks, both whites, measured 9 and 10 feet long. A video posted by the Conservancy yesterday shows one of them swimming below the surface of the water, in that terrifying yet elegant way that sharks do.

It’s highly improbable that you’ll be killed by a shark–the odds are actually 1 in 3,748,067, which is significantly lower than the 1 in 340,733 chance that you’ll be done in by fireworks. However, shark attacks have happened at the Cape, and the most recent bite resulted in a fatality.

If you’re wary of ocean predators, think about avoiding the inshore waters of Cape Cod and the South Shore, as those are white sharks’ favorite feeding spots. If you’re determined to go in the water anyway, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy recommends avoiding areas where you can see seals or schools of fish. They also recommend making sure you’re swimming, paddling, kayaking or surfing in groups, and advise avoiding murky waters and limiting splashing.