18 People Were Arrested at a Boston “Jews against ICE” Protest

They stopped traffic and locked arms outside a detention facility in the city.

ice protest boston

Marion Davis/MIRA Coalition

In yet another protest of immigrant detention policy far from the Mexico border, hundreds took to the streets in Boston Tuesday in a “Jews against ICE” demonstration that saw 18 people arrested.

Marchers chanted and waved signs on a route that took them from the city’s Holocaust Memorial to the South Bay ICE detention facility at the Suffolk County House of Correction.

The rush hour protest disrupted busy roadways in downtown Boston, and the Boston Globe reports that police arrested 18 who had linked arms in front of the building’s entrance.

Video shows more than a dozen people dressed in white singing as police from the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department lead them away from the facility’s front steps.

The protest came after another held by a group of Jewish activists in New Jersey, 36 of whom were arrested outside an ICE facility on Sunday. In both cities, the protesters rallied behind the slogan “Never Again” and compared the reportedly overcrowded and filthy detention camps at the Mexican border to historical concentration camps.

“As Jews, we’ve been taught to never let anything like the Holocaust happen again,” the Boston group that organized Tuesday’s march wrote on Facebook. “From our many Jewish histories of detention, violence, and migration, both in Europe and all over the world, we know that we’ve seen this before. But the legacies of violence, white supremacy, detention and genocide are alive and well in our communities.”

It comes just a week after employees at Boston-based furniture retailer Wayfair walked off the job in protest of the company’s contract to sell bedding to a migrant detention camp in Texas.

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, who condemned conditions at detention camps after visiting them earlier this week, shared words of support for the marchers on Twitter. In the state’s 7th District, she wrote, “we show up for our immigrant neighbors.”