David Ortiz Is Home, He’s Grilling, and He’s Got a Message for Fans

Big Papi shared his first update since his release from Mass General.

David Ortiz

David Ortiz photo by Keith Allison via Flickr/Creative Commons

After nearly two months in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound, David Ortiz is finally home, and from the looks of it, he’s wasting no time getting back to his old stomping grounds: the kitchen.

Big Papi took to Instagram to share some photos of a steak on a grill, a whole roasted fish, and a mighty tasty looking pasta dish. “Being at home and look at my family celebrating that Im here safe is priceless…,” he wrote in the Insta post, his first since leaving Mass General late last week, adding a thank you to his fans “for all the prayers,” but lamenting, “Too bad I can’t crush food yet 😑!!!!”

Ortiz was released from the hospital on Friday, the Sox said Saturday.

While it’s not exactly clear from his post whether he himself is flipping the juicy steak or roasting up the seafood, it’s good to know Ortiz is back in the company of loved ones and reveling in good food. As you may know, the slugger is also famously a noted gourmand. He’s contributed to cookbooks, released his own line of chips and salsas, and on Saturday Night Live, cast member Keenan Thompson’s impression of the larger-than-live baseball star includes raves about the “big Dominican lunches” of delicacies like mofongo he enjoys with his Red Sox teammates (Ortiz says he “loves” the bit).

So consider this another big step in the right direction for Big Papi.