Boston May Not Need to Worry About Tropical Storm Dorian

But Tropical Storm Erin is coming for your Wednesday night commute.

Screenshot via National Weather Service Boston

Update: Get the latest forecast here.

As Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands face the heavy wind and rain of  Tropical Storm Dorian, and more and more models start to show the storm turning into a hurricane and landing somewhere in Florida early next week, one wonders: Do we in Massachusetts need to brace ourselves for the storm’s windy, drizzly aftereffects?

Well, don’t start stocking up on flashlight batteries and water bottles just yet. While hurricanes can be unpredictable, meteorologists are estimating that New England will see minimal impact from Dorian.

“Dorian is not a player for us at this point,” says Kim Buttrick, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Massachusetts. Buttrick says that the storm could take a curve up the coast next week, but the long-range forecast does not have Dorian moving over Southern New England, reducing its potential impact to some rough surfs and rainfall next week.

However, it’s not like Boston will see sunny skies until then (sorry). Another tropical storm—Erin—is currently spinning off the coast of North Carolina, and it’s due to approach Nantucket within the next 24 hours. Thanks to a cold front mingling with Erin, Central and Eastern Mass., along with Rhode Island, will see “torrential downpours” starting this afternoon and continuing overnight. A flash flood watch will go into effect at 1 p.m., and we may see some flooding right at the afternoon rush hour.

So, no need to sandbag or board up your windows—but if you forgot to bring your extra socks to work today, prepare yourself for a soggy trip home.